Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21-26, 2014

Little Manatee River SP

Wimauma, FL

Monte worked on repairing the tractor while I had a very depressing day.  I had gone to the dentist on Friday for an adjustment on my partial because it wasn’t fitting properly and I was experiencing some discomfort.  Over the course of the weekend, the discomfort I had been feeling turned into pain as I developed a blister from where the partial is rubbing against my gums as I chew.  Not wanting to be in pain I didn’t eat much-vicious cycle.

First thing this morning I called the dentist office and was “reminded” that the partial is only temporary and that my permanent partial (that I won’t get until January) will fit much better.  When I insisted I couldn’t take this pain for another 5 months I was given the next available appointment-a week from Wednesday!

I spent another miserable day with sore gums—the only ray of sunshine was that I was given an appointment for this Wednesday.  I didn’t know it but yesterday, when Monte went out to get a part for a park vehicle he was working on, he had stopped in at the dentist and “convinced” them that I should have a sooner appointment than a week from Wednesday.  My hero.

Today Monte continued working on trying to fill in and smooth out the canoe launch area. 

We arrived a few minutes early for my scheduled dentist appointment at 11AM.   It was explained to me that the reason I am experiencing so much pain is due to bone spurs that are just under the surface. 

I was told that once they surface, the dentist could pull them out.  BUT we won’t be in the area by the time they start to break through the gums.  I was reminded that there are Aspen Dental facilities all over the country.   I was also told that I could try to remove the spurs myself or just let them work their way out to the point that they would just fall out.  GREAT!

BUT in the meantime I was given new soft liners.  It made a tremendous difference –no more pain! 
And I actually was able to eat a “normal” dinner for the first time in weeks without feeling pain with each bite.

After the dentist office we stopped at AAA to pick up maps.


 Good friends of my parents, Angelo and Giesla, hosted a birthday dinner for my mom.  
The menu included salad, spaghetti, eggplant parmesan, sausage and peppers and Italian bread.  Everything was delicious.
Angelo opened a bottle of Champaign so we could toast my mom.
Rounding out the dinner party were Helen and Wolfie, who made the birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Mom
Monte had a long list of chores on our departure list he wanted to tackle.  BUT between his feeling lazy and the unexpected rain storm he didn’t do much of anything all day—neither did I. 
I wanted to do some shopping but Monte wanted to tackle that long list of pre-departure chores.  The decision about what to do was made for us when it began raining.  SHOPPING.
I had purchased a collapsible salad spinner just prior to our going on the road.  We have salad several times a week so the spinner got a lot of use.  I recently noticed that the vinyl was detached from the plastic in a couple of areas and it was only a matter of time before the entire thing separates. 
When Monte called Food Network he was informed that the item was out of warranty.  We had purchased the spinner at Kohl’s and had scanned the receipt into our Neat so I was able to print a copy. 

We were quite pleased that Kohl’s exchanged the spinner with no questions asked, a savings of $39.99. 
Some of the other stops we made included Best Buy, Sam’s Club and of course Walmart.

 Although we appreciate having found a "home" here at Little Manatee River State Park we are really looking forward to getting back on the road beginning August 4th.

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 19-20, 2014

Little Manatee River SP

Wimauma, FL

We left the park by 7AM to pick up Monte’s grandson who was going to spend the weekend with us.

On our way out of the park we spotted some deer.
We hadn’t seen Timmy for a few months and were amazed how much he had grown.

Back home, after breakfast, we were ready to start the adventure.
We put on long sleeved shirts and sprayed on mosquito repellant 
Most of the trails were pretty wet 
I was sitting in the middle and still managed to get mud splashed on my feet
I drove the club car and followed Monte and Timmy down to the area where we would end our canoe ride.  Monte had attached the trailer on the mule so that we would only have to paddle one way. 
There is a chain across the road leading down to the area where we wanted to leave the trailer so Monte had to get out to unlock it.  When he got out, he stepped on an ant hill-ouch!
Once the trailer was parked Monte and Timmy got in the club car with me and we drove over to the canoe launch. 
The current was very fast.  We had trouble controlling the canoe and almost capsized because I had to lean over to one side to avoid hitting an overhanging branch.  But luckily we didn't tip.
A trip that usually takes an hour took us only half hour because of the swift current.
It was great having the trailer waiting for us
While I got dinner ready, Timmy played a computer game-Monte hooked it up so it played on the TV 
Grandpa got into the game action.
After dinner, I suggested going for a ride down to the canoe launch-Timmy didn't want to leave his gaming but I insisted--He moped for a little while until Grandpa convinced him to come down to the water.  

Come on-don't be a chicken 
But I don't want to get wet 
Monte splashed Timmy 
I'm glad I stayed up by the car 

Next was a stop at the playground 


Belated birthday gifts. 

After a big waffle breakfast, we just kind of chilled out until it was time to leave to meet up with Monte’s daughter and her two sons, Bobby and Nicholas.
The cousins hadn’t seen each other in a while so we arranged to meet up at a park.  We had some time to kill so we stopped off at the Sunshine Bridge rest area.
Freedom Park
Mama Coot protecting her babies
She squawked at us because we got too close 
She must have felt threatened because she led her family into the water and swam away.
Timmy and Bobby 
Bobby brought along nerf guns and the battle was on- 
The time flew by and it was time to say goodbye 
Monte and his daughter Jenny