Monday, April 17, 2017

April, 2017

We took off on what I thought was going to be a grand adventure in August 2012. We did have some wonderful adventures exploring National Parks, visiting family and experiencing our first work camping with Oregon State Parks as Lighthouse interpreters and running a junior ranger program. 

But we were obligated to return to Florida in December 2013 because we had to attend court mandated mediation in our law suit against Citizens Insurance co.  We had a sinkhole in our bricks and sticks home that we had been renting out. 

We were able to take a short trip (August through November 2014) traveling mostly through the East.

We returned to Florida rotating workcamping positions with three different State Parks from December 2014 until the end of April 2017.  We finally settled the sinkhole case after spending time, energy and money preparing the house to be sold.  Thankfully it sold rather quickly in August 2016.  We made the decision to continue workcamping to recoup some of the money we to spent out of pocket on the house.

During March into April 2017 we ended up spending some time at Lazydays in Tampa.  Our galley gray tank was leaking. (We had the other grey tank replaced at Camping World in December 2015) While we were waiting for the tank to be delivered we discovered that our hot water tank had rusted through.  The experience was frustrating so I really don’t want to go into it but we finally were able to leave Lazydays after 32 DAYS!

We have a frame separation issue that we will have checked out at a Lippert facility in Kissimmee on May 2.   So at this time we really don’t know where our travels will take us but we are so ready to continue on this journey.

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